“Digital experience agency taken to a level over 9000


We are scientists*. Our microscopes consist of research and brainstorming. We look into the ‘subatomic’ particles that compose your user’s experience, and use that to connect you with your user.


Through years of working with these molecular compounds we’ve learned how to create, destroy, and manipulate these elements. We’ve even published research about it. And unlike CERN our work has an absolute 0% chance of destroying the universe.** Could there be a safer alternative to your problem?


We love what we do. Seriously. Research, post-it notes, and Excel are our idea of fun. People believe we’re good at what we do too. We’ve built everything from the ground up and we swear by the power of user centered design and psychology.

*Okay, okay, we’re geeks mostly. We do have lab coats though. Cool huh?
**Though we’re not entirely convinced that our office supply closet doesn’t have a black hole in it. We’re a few pens and scissors down.


This is where the magic happens. Over the years we have developed a selection of methods we use to come up with creative concepts that create engagement. We always start with an advice session to help you figure out how to begin and what your roadmap could look like. Schedule your session now.

Just need a little help? We can jump in and offer a new perspective or added skill. Our hourly rates start at 90,- with a discounted rate for startups.
Experiment & Play
Have a hunch, a guess, a rough idea, or a gut instinct? Up against a challenge you’re not sure how to tackle? Ready to validate your idea by creating a digital or paper prototype in a short, low-budget time period? We can help with our 2, 3, or 5 day Experiment Playgrounds starting at 3.600.
Create Engagement
Want to engage and activate your audience, customers, or employees? We have found that the use of play (and gamification) creates environments where people are more responsive to your message or content. If you need a boost to get your audience on board, we’ll help you find and implement it during one of our Design Quests. Read more about our quest format here.
Create a Game
Our game skills don’t just go up to 10, we can crank it all the way up to 11. With years of experience playing and designing games ourselves, we know the impact a game can have. Games can be used to help your audience better understand a topic, create brand awareness, and encourage traffic and visibility to your site. Join us on a Game Quest to get your game on. Wanna know more?
Create Cultural Change
It’s one thing to create change in a specific project, and another to change the way your internal team thinks about design, iteration, and agile development. We’ve developed a program we can custom tailor to help your team solve a real problem in your organization using creative agile thinking and startup methodologies. Contact us for more information on this package.


A wide variety of companies have joined us in the lab since 2011. Here’s a few of our lab partners below we’re proud to have gone on quests with:
Elsevier bw